Wednesday, 1 January 2014

New year, new demons

new year,  new demons

Last drawing of 2013, have you made peace with some of your inner demons yet? 

I've never been good with listing reflections of what made this year good and I'm not particularly a fan of resolutions either (not that I hate them but I get nervous at creating a long list of things to do for that year). But what I know is, I discovered that some of my inner demons aren't so scary at all. They are scared too, inexperience but wild. Something I can relate to, easily but I wasn't ready to give in, at all. So, this year, I found, I trusted, I loved, I learnt. 

And with this, I will still hold on to it dearly and carry through to the new year and on forth. Here's wishing all a peaceful loving new year ahead (with your inner demons). Happy New Year!

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