Monday, 17 November 2014

SABF 2014

Here are some of the interesting things I was looking at in the Singapore Art Book Fair last weekend,

Underscore Magazine Booth Wall

Their booth wall was filled with error printing layouts pages which adds more charm to the wall in the room. Something about error printing pages put together reminds me of the darkroom photography.

Red Rain Monster By Renn Lim

Can you spot the face? Pretty easy.

Green Rain Monster By Renn Lim

How about this one? If you're staring at this photo, its probably easy too just like the Red Rain Monster. But if you're standing in front of the painting just staring at it, the face didn't reveal itself that easily until you sort of figure out there's an eye looking back at you. 

Books Actually Booth Wall

Books Actually Booth Wall

This is my favourite wall. It was filled with old pages from books (from the colour of the pages). And on top of the old pages, there were detailed creatures/skeletal illustrations like the ones from the 1419 illustrations compiled by Jim Harter. Here's more photo from SABF instagram.

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