Thursday, 1 January 2015

Time says 2015

TIME doesn't have time for me (what a wishful thinking, thinking that time have time for me), it will just go like a diligent and loyal worker ever so focus on completing it's job. How I wish I could trade places with TIME to learn for 'it' surely knows what 'it's' purpose here is for and doing it, brilliantly. 

I'm dedicating this post to TIME in 2014 for allowing me to fill this blog with my work in progress, finish pieces, humble sayings, questions and my interactions with new creative people despite being occupied with what life offered me in 2014 (more so than previous year) which I truly embraced it. Also, TIME (ever so, so kind) on your side allowed you to navigate yourself to view my illustration blog here and made some of you, followed my works (welcome, aboard!) which of course, this post is dedicated to you too. I can't say the T word to you enough for taking an interest of the future for xemetric. 

We'll let TIME do its job and me, do my job (well, job can mean passion, love, anything that falls within the scope of that area) in creating more art pieces and hopefully more writings this year. Notice the slight blog change? Yup, I've been experimenting with layouts, codes and other stuff that would probably disrupt slightly your viewing pleasure on some days. So pardon me, this blog will not have a formal cue to say its under construction but nothing major really. 

In the meantime, TIME says 364 more days to the next countdown, yeah?
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