Monday, 2 November 2015

WIP Part 3 texture drawing and fishy halloween

Completing ink work for texture drawings soon. 

In lieu of the Halloween weekend (amongst the commercialized vampires and zombies), here's a scary-looking fish from into the deep exhibition that I recently went to. 

One of the major factors that pique my interest was definitely the dedication of a group of scientists/deep ocean lovers that are willing to go all the way to follow their profound fascination about the deep ocean. I couldn't help myself when I stand in front of the information board re-reading them over and over again. 

It is that moment that I felt awed by the amount of research to explore and the effort to understand this vast unfamiliar world. Unfamiliar and unknown, much to some people, it is uncomfortable and a scary feeling yet a group of dedicated human beings manage to pass through all of those to bring us this discovery. As I complete the exhibition, a quote by Sir Charles Wyville Thomson perfectly summed it all up:

How can something unfamiliar be strange and beautiful at the same time?
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