Sunday, 24 April 2016

Bike Rides #3

Fiddling with my camera and spotting sneaky photographers with their long lenses when a stranger turns to me and asked:

Him: Hi, do you want me to take a photo of you, your friends and the scenery?

Me: Hey Hi! No thank you...but...would you like to take a photo with me instead?

Both: (we both started laughing and then he shook his head lightly)

Funny how that laughter as a reply unravels our understanding of photo-taking 'allergies' and connected us in a split-second.

He gave a shy smile revealing a bit of his dentures. His teeth that seems way too large and perfect for an old man with thin lips. While ushering me to his bike, he introduced himself and his other cycling friends to me.

That long chat with a seventy-five year old grandfather of three made the photo-taking seems far less important even though I really don't mind taking a selfie with filter, fancy themes with him.   
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