Thursday, 15 September 2016

Winsor & Newton Water Colours set of 12 CN

I was planning on getting a box set of Winsor & Newton Cotman Water Colours, 12 but it turns out that I had to wait till the second week of next month before the stock comes in again (its cheaper than buying it online).

But guess what, I had a temporary replacement till the stock comes in. 

I went into an old stationery shop (one of my favourite things to spend the hours at) and went home with another Winsor & Newton Water Colours set of 12, CN . All the brands they had, I have used and tested out before except for this. And this was way cheaper than the one that I was waiting for. The shop auntie saw me inspecting her art products and called me out (I was all alone in the shop).

Auntie: Ah mei, what are you looking for?

So, I pointed out all the brands of paints that her shop had. I was quite surprised that she listened attentively as I shared my experience with each one of them. 

Auntie: I thought paint is just paint what. Aiyo, so confusing.

I laughed watching her scratched her head in confusion. When I was about to pay (together with a palette, one of the colour is missing which she agreed to lower the price), she suddenly deducted the price off again from the total sum.

Me: Auntie, why?
Auntie: The product so old already sit there. Lucky you come and buy. I happy already. Thank you ah, Ah mei.

I guess we both got what we wanted. 
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